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Pump Out Your Boat Waste at Proper Facilities


Boater sewage can contain contaminates such as hepatitis, streptococci, and fecal coliform, which are harmful to both human and marine life.

Boater sewage also contains excess nutrients nitrogen and phosphorous, which, in abundance, cause algal bloom and deplete oxygen levels in the water leading to fish kills.

Vessel sewage is 4 times more concentrated than domestic sewage. It takes 26-58 million gallons of water per boat to dilute bacterial discharges down to acceptable shellfish harvesting levels. A single weekend boater flushing untreated sewage into our water produces the same amount of bacterial pollution as 10,000 people whose sewage passes through a treatment facility.


What You Can Do:

Dispose of sewage properly and encourage fellow boaters to do the same!

Use pump-out stations available at marinas. These stations are cost effective and prevent sewage from being discharged into our waterways.

Always dispose of sewage properly and steer others in the right direction.